We Let Him Entertain Us

Oct 11 2015 by Beverly

Ah, Robbie Williams, he’s always been a TST fave and he always will be…

The man has swagger, serious sex appeal and God damn it he knows how to work the crowd.

The best thing about a Robbie concert, apart from all of the hits you know and love is that there’s no gimmicks, he just gets up on stage, does his thing, flirts with the ladies and belts out hit after hit.

Perth Arena Instagram 3

Waiting for Robbie… Image: Perth Arena.

Now that Robbie is in his 40s (just like us…) and a Daddy, we wondered if his shows would be as high octane as they used to be, we needn’t have worried, Bad Boy Robbie is still alive and well, he’s just grown up a little.

Vocally he’s as tidy as ever, and he seemed to be having a blast up there on the stage, singing not just his own songs, but hits by Lorde, Queen, Jay Z and even Sinatra.

And in a touching moment, he even got his Dad out on stage to sing Better Man as a duet with him. Poor Dad looked kind of terrified, but at least he had a crack!

Duncan Barnes 3

 Cheeky as ever.  Image: Duncan Barnes.

Perth Arena Instagram 2

The ultimate entertainer.  Image: Duncan Barnes.

As the tour was called #LMEY it was only right that Robbie started his first set with ‘Let me Entertain You’ and finished the concert with his biggest hit ‘Angels’…really it couldn’t have been a better show, the only problem was, two hours felt like it wasn’t quite enough.

If the sell out crowd in Perth was anything to go by, this is going to be one mighty successful tour all over the globe for Mr Williams.

Charming, cheeky and with that rare X-Factor that only a few entertainers actually have, Robbie’s still got it.

And yes…we still would!


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